Articles, Press and Live Broadcasts featuring the Smomid
Daily Bruin "In an attempt to mesh the computer and guitar, he has created the SMOMID."
Create Digital Music What do you do if you can’t find an instrument that you can play the way you want? In the digital domain, you can just invent one.

Warper Party Radio Extravaganza Live Radio Interview

Metal Injection "The Smomid is a really strange MIDI based Instrument
Boutique Pedal NYC video of Smomid with Retada on Drums
Popular Noise Magazine "What the Fuck is a Smomid?"
Adafruit "Fantastic"
Arduino "Not only does it just look cool, it can even flash LEDs in sync with the music being played for some wild effects and visual feedback for the performer."
Ask Audio "...a fascinating looking MIDI instrument designed by Nick Demopoulos."